Please disregard any emails dated 1/11/22 stating that your account is past due or overdrawn. It appears our software company sent emails in error when trying to test the notification system. We sincerely apologize for the error and appreciate your understanding. Thank you.

While visiting our lobby, currently masks are required.

Masks will need to be lowered temporarily prior to entry for identification purposes.
We appreciate your cooperation.
Our lobby is now open by appointment.
Please call 847-392-1922 to schedule. Learn more.
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Current Rates
  • AUTO
  • VISA
Type APR
Vehicles 2020 & Newer
  3 years
  4 to 5 years 3.99%
  6 to 7 years 4.99%
  8 to 9 years ($25k min loan) 5.99%
  10 to 12 years ($50k min loan) 6.99%
  13 to 15 years ($50k min loan) 7.99%
Older Vehicles add 100 basis pts
           (1 percentage point)
If your dealer offers an interest rate lower than ours, please call us. We realize that they’re trying to sell you a car and may offer a low rate to get you to buy from them, but we want you to borrow from us! We’ll do everything in our power to keep your business

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Credit Union Closings

January 17, 2022 - Closed

February 21 - Closed

April 15 - Closed