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Looking for the perfect gift? VISA Gift Cards are available in any amount from $10 - $1000. Members may purchase up to 5 cards a month with no fee! In a hurry - call ahead and we will have them ready for you.

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Teller Express phone number has changed to 855-605-9178.

Have you shared AAEC with your family? They are eligible for membership, too!


Membership Switch Kit

Switching to AAEC is easy!

AAEC Credit Union has made moving your accounts from your old financial institution convenient with our Switch Kit. All the letters and forms you need to make this transition as easy as possible are provided here. All you have to do is print and mail the letters to the appropriate companies.

Here's how to Switch
  • Open an account at AAEC Credit Union
  • Stop using your old account
  • Select letter(s) below to print, complete, and mail to the appropriate company
Close My Old Account
This letter is to notify your previous bank that you are closing your account and tell them how to disburse any remaining funds.
Switch my Direct Deposit
Use this form to change your direct deposit from your old account(s) to your AAEC account.
Switch my Automatic Withdrawal Or Payment
Use this authorization to have your automatic withdrawal(s) or payment(s) switched from your old account to your AAEC account. Payment examples may include your mortgage, utilities, day care, investments, fitness clubs, insurance, donations, loan payments, etc.


Routing/Transit Number

Transit/ABA#  271975391